5 reasons winter is my favourite season

Summer, spring and autumn, I concede the glory of your sunshine, blossoms and golden leaves, but winter is still the season for me.

1) Rain

I love rain. Rain is beautiful. Rain makes the earth smell fresh and fertile. Rain is cleansing. Rain feels soft. Standing in the rain is liberating. Being inside when it’s raining is comforting and soothing. Also, rainbows.

2) Amazing fashion

Onesies at Topman

Onesies I liked at at Topman (Westfield Stratford City)

I love winter clothing. Jerseys and scarfs and gloves and hats and coats and jackets and thick shirts and long pyjamas and yes, onesies. There is so much opportunity to express myself. And layers! If I go outside, put on another layer = new outfit! Go inside, take off a layer = new outfit! And if wearing so many layers does cause me to perspire a little, at least I won’t be sporting any sweat patches (see below), because they’re hidden underneath all those layers!

3) No sweat

What I cannot stand about summer is being hot and sticky with sweat. I can never tell whether I look good or smell good and half the time I couldn’t care less, because I just want to make the heat stop NOW. At least when I feel cold in winter I can add another layer of clothing or turn on a heater or wrap myself in a blanket or snuggle up in bed or huddle with someone, but no amount of undressing can free me fully of summer heat. Also, I think underarm sweat patches are super duper gross.

4) Snuggletime

There is no better time to be in bed or under a blanket with a film or a book or a boy than wintertime.

5) Hot food and drinks

Illy coffee and carrot cake at the Hummingbird Bakery in Spitalfields

My coffee and cake at the Hummingbird Bakery (Spitalfields)

I love carbs. If I still had the metabolism of a teenager I would eat carbs almost exclusively. Pasta, pizza, stews, freshly baked bread, scones, confectionary, hot puddings… And hot drinks can transform my body from an ice block to a breathing hot water bottle. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa, malt drinks, mulled wine… Also, chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


2 thoughts on “5 reasons winter is my favourite season

  1. I totally agree. Winter is my favourite – but you’re missing an important part that people in the Northern Hemisphere experience – SNOW! I’ve always contended that it’s easier to warm up than cool down – and as a result heat has been the source of much discomfort in my life!


    • I really thought of adding snow. When I was living in London and saw snow for the first time I felt like a little child, even though I was already 25. I love the snow!!! But I thought it would be disingenuous of me to add it to the list, seeing as we don’t experience it much here in Cape Town. 😦 I am very jealous of your winter weather.


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