Waiting for the change

Recently I had a very dark day and I just thought, “I cannot do this.”
And then I thought of all the other times I had thought that, and even though I had felt that way, life did not stop simply because I felt overwhelmed. I might have checked out of my mind for a bit and switched to autopilot, but life carried on and carried me along with it and then eventually… something changed. Something always changed.

"Life goes on" - Robert FrostSome changes may be for the good and some for the bad, but eventually even those changes will be overwritten by something else. Something will always change and one day you will wake up and you will have switched on again and it will be a not-too-bad day.

There’s a song in Ghost the Musical called “Nothing Stops Another Day“. It’s quite a forgettable song, but that line has been in my head for a while. Sometimes I resent life for dragging me forward when I just want to keep it in my bed under the covers with me, but then inevitably I am glad it’s brought me somewhere else.


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