This page hosts a collection of websites and blogs that I subscribe to and enjoy reading. I have grouped the sites according to the three main themes of my own blog: disability, depression and LGBT life. Please get in touch with me on the Contact page if you would like to recommend any blogs. I will try to keep this list updated as often as possible.

Recommended reading for depression

Daisies and Bruises – Erin refers to living with depression as an art. Her nakedly honest writing refreshing and reassuring. If you have depression, or know someone with depression, here you will find someone who truly understands. She has won multiple blogging awards and Healthline has named Daisies and Bruises as one of the top depression blogs of 2014. Also check out the rest of Healthline’s recommended depression blogs.

A Splintered Mind – Douglas Cootey suffers from ADHD and depression. He has been writing his blog since 2005 and has won multiple awards for his unique perspective and wit. His aim is to break the social stigma around these disorders. You will be encouraged and leave with a smile on your face.

If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going – This blog was recommended to me and I am still trying it out. The author, Susan, is a professional writer who suffers from bipolar disorder. She does not filter or hold back when writing, so if you are looking for raw honesty of the ups and downs, go check it out.

Time To Change – This programme is the UK’s biggest initiative to end the stigma around mental health. The website features news, information, educational programmes, a blog of personal stories and ways to get involved to end discrimination against people with depression.

Dr. Deb – This is an educational blog written by Dr. Deborah Serani, a psychologist and psychoanalyst who specialises in treating depression and trauma. She is the author of an award-winning book on the topics and her blog is full of useful information on depression. It is no substitute for proper treatment, though!

Recommended reading for disability

Ouch – This is a fantastic initiative by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that shines a spotlight on disability with regular blog updates and a monthly internet radio talk show.

Rolling Around In My Head – Dave Hingsburger has worked in the field of disability for over thirty years and became disabled himself a few years ago. His award-winning blog is a good mix of life lessons, personal stories, frustrations and triumphs.

Chocolate Cherry Pie – Jill Croft is a trained psychologist who teaches disabled children. Her own daughter has cerebral palsy and this blog is a humorous and sensitive look at raising a disabled child.

Disability Now – This is a UK magazine site consisting of regular news, blogs, featured articles and information about all types of disability.

Recommended reading for LGBT

Here is a list of LGBT blogs, websites and organisations that I enjoy reading and following.

Mommy Man – Jerry Mahoney is a gay superdad who has been in featured in the New York Times and on the Today Show with his partner. He has recently released his first book that, like his blog, deals with life as an LGBT parent. I enjoy his humorous writing and I secretly see him as a pioneer of modern LGBT life.

Building Bridges in War Zones – Seth writes with sincerity, insight and sensitivity about coming out and venturing into the LGBT community while trying to maintain a life of Christian faith. He also has his own list of recommended resources. – If you’re looking for an holistic news and lifestyle site on all things LGBT-related, the Advocate covers everything from international politics, parenting and business to health, entertainment and sports. Queerty is another popular LGBT news site that has a slightly more “bloggy” format.

HuffPost Gay Voices – Giant news aggregator The Huffington Post keeps a column of LGBT news, opinion, conversation and culture blogs called Gay Voices. It is an excellent place to find current and topical social commentary.

Stonewall – I was living in London on the historic day that same-sex marriage was legalised there. Over the months leading up to that day Stonewall’s campaigning made a huge impression on me. This gay rights charity is truly effective at driving social change and I am a keen follower of its news and campaigns. Other civil and LGBT rights blogs worth reading are Good As You (G-A-Y) and the Gay Rights Watch blog.

Answers – This series of videos from the Gay Christian Network provides simple, informed answers to many of the common questions relating to homosexuality and God.

Kito Diaries – This is a young blog from a Nigerian author living in a country where homosexuality is still outlawed. I have only recently begun following it, but it is seems like a fantastic forum for LGBT people to encourage each other and share their personal stories (anonymously if necessary).