This page is dedicated to information about disability, including the contact details of support organisations for disability around the world. If you would like to read my own blog posts about disability, please check out the Disability category of posts to the right of the Home page. To find out which disability-related blogs I am following, take a look at the Blogroll tab.

What do you mean by disability?

The term “disabled” may refer to someone who is either mentally or physically handicapped. Every person, handicapped or not, has the equal right to be treated with respect. The experiences I share on this blog relate specifically to my physical disability and may not always be as relevant to a mentally handicapped person. Having said that, there are often similarities in the ways society treats both mentally and physically disabled groups of people.

What is life like for a disabled person?

It is possible to live a full, happy life even with a disability, but there is no doubt that life for a disabled person is a bit more complicated than it is for non-disabled people. Disabled people face physical and societal barriers that can affect their mood, professional and social life, and their involvement in activities that most people take for granted.

As the World Health Organisation (2014) points out, disabled people have the same health needs as non-disabled people, but the margin of good health for disabled people is further reduced by secondary conditions, like pressure sores, urinary tract infections and, in some cases, poverty and societal exclusion. Everyone has their own challenges, but I hope that by sharing my own day-to-day experiences on this blog I will be able to raise awareness of some topics universal to disabled people.

Support for disabled people

If you are disabled and need assistance or would like to meet other disabled people, or if you would like to help disabled people, there are various charities, organisations and support groups around the world that provide everything from financial assistance to recreational activities for handicapped people. Below is a list of some prominent organisations and their contact details. I have focused on South African organisations as I am a South African citizen myself, but if you are struggling to find assistance in your country, you can get in touch with your local World Health Organisation representative.

World Health Organisation (WHO)
Information resources about Disability
Find your local representative: WHO countries list

South African government services
Apply for a South African disability grant
South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC): www.sahrc.org.za
Check out the SAHRC Human Rights & disAbility pamphlet for local contact details

South Africa Sports Association for Physically Disabled (SASAPD)
Website: www.sasapd.org.za
Contact: Nosipho Nkosi at + 27(0) 877218262 Email: admin@saspad.org.za