How regularly do you floss your mind?

How regularly do you floss your mind?

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No one questions the need to brush our teeth each day, but how much care do we take to regularly floss our minds?

Whenever we eat, little pieces of food get stuck between our teeth. If we didn’t brush, they would build up and cause rot. Similarly, we consume vast amounts of information throughout the day, processing thoughts without paying any attention to them. These thoughts can be good or bad, healthy or destructive.

Whatever their nature, our thoughts also leave behind little fragments that build up over time and tinge our subsequent thoughts with their flavour, changing our ability to digest information and interpret the world.

If we are to protect ourselves from psychological cavities that poison our perceptions and cause us pain, we must take care to debrief regularly before an abscess develops and the rotting path needs to be extracted at the root.


4 reasons to focus on men’s health in South Africa

Day 9 mo

Movember day 9 mo

1) The average life expectancy for South African men is almost four years less than for women.

2) 1 in 6 South African men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives.

3) Men are five times more likely to commit suicide than women, but are half as likely to seek help for their depression.

4) About 40% of men in South Africa were reported as being overweight or obese in 2013.

The Movember Foundation has published tips and guidelines to help men look after their health and identify danger signs. Please share them and make a donation so that we can work together to keep our men healthy.